BCS Terms of USE

By accepting service from BCS, Customer agrees to the following terms of use. If customer does not agree with these terms, he/she may cancel his/her service within 30 days by phone. Failure to contact BCS within 30 days of customer’s signup date signifies acceptance of these terms.

Billing Information:
All accounts will renew automatically. By default, your account is set to auto pay by credit card. The payment will be charged to the credit card used to open your account on your billing date until canceled by the account holder. To avoid interruption of service, please contact us to update your account information if your card number or expiration changes. DirecTV bills customer directly for services they provide. All invoices are due upon receipt. Invoiced accounts not paid by the 15th are considered past due and may incur a $25 late fee and be subject to suspension. If the account is suspended for nonpayment the total amount due plus a Reactivation Fee of $25 per account must be paid before the account will be reactivated.

All cancellations must be emailed to billing@awesomeisp.com or by calling our call center at 303-460-8400. Cancellations will take effect on the account's next bill cycle date. User & Equipment Agreement: Monthly rates do not include franchise fees, sales taxes, or ancillary services. Customer understands that they will be entitled to BCS services from date of installation as long as they remain a customer in good standing. DirecTV requires term agreements depending on service.

E911 Service
E911 service on our Digital Phone network may work differently than traditional analog landline services, if you are concerned about using Digital Phone relating to E911 service, please contact our Customer Service Center at 303-460-8400 to discuss E911 options.

Delivery, Use, Care, Replacement, Right of Entry:
You agree that any equipment provided by BCS is for your residential and personal use only at said address (Does not apply to customer purchased equipment). You agree not to remove it from that address (except to change batteries in remote control device), take it apart, or alter it in any way. You are responsible for all damage to the equipment, beyond reasonable wear and tear from normal use. The equipment must be returned in a fully usable condition. Except for damage caused by misuse or abuse, if you notify us of equipment failure, we will repair it or exchange it for properly functioning equipment. You agree to allow us to enter your installation address, at any reasonable time, to inspect, repair, replace, or remove the equipment. You agree that we shall not be liable for
damages, whether direct and/or consequential, resulting from any malfunction or failure of the equipment, or for any delay in promptly replacing malfunctioning equipment. If you choose to stop using equipment: you may terminate your use of the equipment by calling our Customer Service Center at 303-460-8400. When you do so or if we terminate your right to the use the equipment as described above, we will send someone to your installation address to recover the equipment and all rental payments and additional charges due to us. You must pay all installation fees the time of the installation. Your use of the equipment and the services you receive are subject to the various policies and practices of BCS. Monthly fees for use of the equipment are billed in advance.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy
By accepting Internet Service you agree to the terms and conditions of the Acceptable Use Policy as posted on our
web site at www.awesomeisp.com